There is one Messiah, one God, one Spirit empowering one tribe, sent on one mission: to preach the good news to every unreached tribe on earth.

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The voice of the Elijah generation
calling from the wilderness
of a nations’ desperation 


The gathering storm clouds cast a long shadow on the global landscape. Those who sense a cosmic shift is underway in the unseen world are beginning to sound the prophetic alarm. Meanwhile most of the Western church sleeps under the warm blankets of a counterfeit peace hinged on a false belief that things will continue as they’ve always been (2 Peter 2:4).

But, all that is about to change. And when it does, the church will discover a dividing line that separates her into two groups. According to Christ’s prophetic parable in Matthew 25:1-13, one will overflow with the Holy Spirit’s anointing; the other will not. Both will be forced by external circumstance to leave the comfort of their sleeping chambers and begin a new journey that will end on the Day of the Lord.

What wakes her up? Why is she forced to leave the place of her comfort? We don’t fully know the answers to these questions. But one thing is for sure. Now is time for the Bride of Christ to trim the wick of her flesh, pray for fresh fire, and light up the world sequestered by darkness in what will be the greatest harvest of human souls just before the Lord appears in the eastern sky to reconcile all things to the Father. (Isaiah 65:17-18).