There is one Messiah, one God, one Spirit empowering one tribe, sent on one mission: to preach the good news to every unreached tribe on earth.

bamOne Tribe Mission exists as one of many partners engaged in Elijah’s prophetic ministry in these last days – the end of time prophesied by Malachi and ratified by Jesus Christ. (Matt. 10:11-15).

Our principal goal is to communicate, to the people of God, the signs of the times and what we should do now and in the time to come. We intend to use music, video production, and preaching as the means for achieving the call God has placed on this ministry.

Our second aspiration is to produce and distribute media tools to the church worldwide for the accomplishment of Christ’s purpose through his people in a local context.

To this end we pray and obey in our labor believing that God will take the small offering we give and multiply it to reach the masses before Christ returns (Joel 2:28-32 & Rev. 7:9-10).